Decommission SCCM Distribution Point

Hi all, as discussed in my previous blog post I have been tasked with replacing a clients Distribution Point servers. In that blog post I explained the process for commissioning the new DP servers and in the this post I will document the process for decommissioning the old DP servers.

Fortunately the process is decommissioning old Distribution Point servers is simple. All we need to do is to remove the server from SCCM and then shutdown the server, so lets go through the steps

  • Locate the server in SCCM console– Open the SCCM console and navigate to Administration -> Site Configuration -> Servers and Site Systems. Left click on the server you want to delete and confirm in the Site System Roles pane that the system only has the Distribution point and Site system roles (in this example we are going to be deleting the server untitled


  • Delete the server from SCCM – Right click on the server to be removed and chose the ‘Delete’ option. You will then receive a confirmation dialogue, simply click yes to confirm the deletion
  • untitled2


  • Confirm deletion – You will now see that the old server no longer exists in the SCCM console Untitled3.png


At this stage I would wait at least one hour before continuing, this will allow for all downloads already in progress to complete and clients should no longer receive this Distribution Point as an available location for downloading content

  • Shutdown Server – Simply shutdown the Operating System by click on the Start button and choosing the option to shut down untitled4

Complete – it really is that simple!

Author: Andrew Stalker

I am an IT consultant currently working in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in Microsoft infrastructure technologies, specifically System Centre and Azure Cloud computing including EMS & Office 365.

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